Danger Can Be Fun 

Maximum Freakout

Danger Can Be Fun


Vandalism Services

Experimental 3D Stuff 

Experiments in 3D Printing


Manufactured goods for purchase. 

Tee Shirts

It's the Savage Monsters way.

Bowling Balls?!



Novelty pillows and other deluxe goods available for purchase.

Public Service Announcement

Stay Fresh. Stay Cheesey. It's the Savage Monsters way.

Stickers and Patches

Buy  'em. Stick 'em or sew 'em anywhere. Impress your friends.

Occult Paranormal

Strange occurances happen.

Fiends Helping Fiends 

It's the Savage Monsters way.

Psychedelic Illuminati

Reinvent the truth.

More Stuff

Spooky Spirit Board

Need to reach out to a groovy modern spirit? Try out the Spooky Spirit Board! Designed with a stylish intuitive interface. Comes complete with planchette. No wi-fi, Bluetooth, batteries, or cables needed.   

Savage Dave Graphic Design Services

SavageDave.com contains my work for clients over the past 25 years. I've done everything from print to web. Logos, stickers, cartoons, illustration, type design, product development & design are just a few of the projects I have worked on.                                      


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